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Why Custom Framing?

Why do people choose custom framing? There are many reasons but I’ll touch on a few I see most often. The best reason of all is because it’s fun!

  1. Non-standard sizes

  2. Preservation

  3. Design

  4. Memorabilia

Non-standard Sizes.

There is a huge selection out there of ready-made frames, ready-made for you to pop your standard sized art or photo in and hang on your wall, easy-peasy. But art doesn’t always happen in conveniently standard sizes. Artists don’t usually worry about conventional proportions when creating. Tall and skinny, panoramic, square, over sized, tiny. Custom framing is built specifically to fit your art, your ideas, your space.


Ready made frames are mass produced. They generally include clear glass, cardboard backing, maybe even a neutral paper mat. Perfect for a snapshot or decorative image. But what if you have something special, something to pass down, something valuable, an heirloom. You need to make sure that it is protected from acidic materials (such as cardboard and paper mats) and from damaging UV light (allowed by untreated glass). A custom framer can make sure that all of the materials surrounding your special item help prevent deterioration and discoloration, preserving your heirloom for years to come.


Everyone’s tastes are different. Custom framing lets you zero in on what YOU want. You want bright purple and yellow mats, we can do that. You want to put a little tiny image in a great big mat and frame, we can do that. You want a classic look that coordinates with the frame that hung in your grandmother’s house when you were little, we can do that. Custom framing fits your unique style.


Plates, arrowheads, coins, medals, a railroad spike, antique eye-glasses, boy scout patches, a fisherman’s hat and lures, the back of a stadium seat, and more t-shirts and jerseys than I can count. These are just a few of the objects I’ve mounted in frames. These things are special to you, you want to display them, show them off, not hide them in a drawer or closet. Skilled custom framers have the tools and resources to (almost) invisibly mount a variety of irregular items to help you preserve and display your most precious memories.

Why do you choose custom framing?

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